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Wind came up, as did clouds, the sky turned dark, rain started, became stronger and stronger and finally accompanied by lightning and thunder. It's starting to be nice and cool again, now that the rain continues.

I tweaked my style sheet a bit. Somehow, the automatic insertion of quotation marks for the quotes I inserted didn't seem to work too well and cause me a lot of annoyance entering it. Feeling playful, I went for the bar-at-the-side style that I start seeing frequently on the web these days.

Regarding the insertion of quotation marks: It seems that Safari doesn't use curly quotation marks for this by default and isn't able to understand the quotes CSS property to override it.

June 8, 2003, 19:16


Comment by Richard Soderberg: User icon

Do you read the Safari blog? One of the primary developers keeps an ongoing blog, and he seems to not mind hearing from people who discover things that break in Safari. Dave Hyatt, I think? Drop me an email if you need the link, it’s not available from this workstation.

June 9, 2003, 8:27

Comment by ssp: User icon

I read David’s blog but I guess this is just an ‘advanced’ feature that isn’t implemented yet.

Just did a little bit of ‘research’ into this and, via Mark Pilgrim’s helpful Safari page, found this analysis of a related problem that also reveals that the issue (a) is already known and (b) can be worked around dumbly, which I did by replacing

q {quotes: '\201C' '\201D' '\2018' '\2019';} 

in my CSS by

q:before { content: "\201C"; }
q:after { content: "\201D"; }
q q:before { content: "\2018"; }
q q:after { content: "\2019"; }

The most puzzling thing about Safari for me remains the fact that the ¶ sign at the end of my Headings is only rarely rendered in Zapfino as it should be…

June 9, 2003, 13:30

Comment by Richard: User icon

That’s fascinating stuff but I am not sure how it works. I seem to learn something new about CSS every week — not my job, it’s just my hobby.

June 9, 2003, 19:07

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