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End of Term

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The main term time is over now. To put it in the words of one of our professors at Warwick Now that the students are gone let's start the real work. We had our last all-seminar Friday afternoon for the occasion (the very same time that in Enland we would have been sitting in the sun, drinking...) and it even finished on a somewhat high note: with an actually computed example of the Coxeter-Dynkin diagram of a unimodular singularity – garbledeegook, whatever.

Afterwards I headed to the station to visit my parents for the weekend. My mom still has some boerewors she brought from South Africa that I am to pick up and hinted that coming to visit would generally be a good idea. The rest of the day was spent gossiping: First I met one of our lecturers on the train and we had a little chat and then my mum told me about everything she knows about people I know. In this very effective form of communication the time needed to catch up with the where- and whatabouts of about everyone I don't care about is significantly less than six hours. Too bad that I can't relate to all this and most of it was about people I wish I had never known (e.g. people I happened to go to school with). Too bad also, that I'll probably remember more of those useless facts than I'd like to and that I have a much harder time remembering useful things.

Afterwards I went to the Tower where Popscene was on. Nice music played there. If you're into indie pop, I recommend going to the web site and listening to the stream of the DJ's weekly show on Bremen's public access radio (earlier coverage of that event is here). It was quite late by then, so there wasn't too much going on anymore. The very fact of being and going out in Bremen rather than in Göttingen feels different: Different people, more people, people I don't know...

July 19, 2003, 12:29

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