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For Steffen's party we recycled the old playlists I had made for our party and used Steffen's iBook to play it from my computer via iTunes library sharing. While I always though the library sharing feature was cool – I realised that it's not only neat but also well done. My theory was that iTunes basically sends its 'iTunes Library.xml' file over the network and there you go. It turned out that sharing the the library is a bit more sophisticated and the shared library will actually be updated live on both computers. That's very useful as you can still add files to the library or manipulate playlists while the library is already being shared and used.

Probably it's just a sign for the sorry state of software design that I am actually thrilled by things being implemented in what is probably the only reasonable way to do it.

Now I'm on my way back from Aachen, leaving rather quickly for the odd plan to meet Ansgar in Bonn who's driving back to Göttingen with his car from there. The train I caught in Aachen came from Brussels. It's nice that going between countries in Europe is so easy these days.

July 14, 2003, 0:19

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