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Der Proceß

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Claus and me went to see Kafka's Der Proceß at Göttingen's student theatre tonight. It's one of my favourite stories – about 200 pages of very little happening and a lot going on – so I was very curious.

I wasn't overwhelmed, to put it nicely. I think their script was quite good. They managed to pick the key scenes from the book and arrange them in a good way. I didn't like the acting too much, though. Seemingly as a means of signifying the formality of many of the people, many of the actors spoke very machine-like. Overly so for my taste. Also, they had quite a few sound effects, which I found, erm, inappropriate.

Will have to re-read the book. And they left out the end:

Aber ans K.s Gurgel legten sich die Hände des einen Herrn, während der andere das Messer ihm tief ins Herz stieß und zweimal dort drehte. Mit brechenden Augen sah noch K., wie die Herren nahe vor seinem Gesicht, Wange an Wange aneinandergelehnt, die Entscheidung beobachteten. "Wie ein Hund!" sage er, es war, als sollte die Scham ihn überleben.

Franz Kafka, Der Prozeß

August 1, 2003, 1:50

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