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August 7, 2003, 22:11


Comment by d.w.: User icon

The good news is that even the average sheep on the street here is starting to hear about these things, and be concerned about them. On the civil liberties issues, the current administration is starting to irritate not just the people who voted against the current government, but their own “conservative” power base as well. People in both major parties want to roll back elements of the so-called Patriot Act, and the even more excessive Patriot II hasn’t a ghost of a chance of passing. Unfortunately, things such as the visa requirements are decided and implemented by the executive branch, which means that they aren’t subject to legislative review (though on occasion the judiciary branch can overturn them.) The current administration is extremely vulnerable on economic issues, so here’s to hoping the opposition manages to coalesce around an electable candidate for the 2004 election.

August 8, 2003, 15:43

Comment by ssp: User icon

Fingers crossed, but not holding my breath.

August 10, 2003, 12:49

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