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The Register with yet another new logo and how its creators and owners wax lyrical about it. From what I've learnt about logos, that particular example should be dismissed right away because you can't easily draw it.

John Gruber about Andrew Stone's denial of Carbon. Probably John is right formally. Still, ignoring non Cocoa applications for a tool can make business sense if you're not going to earn huge amounts of money with that tool and you value your time or your sanity at a non-negative amount. Ever since I've seen Cocoa, I wondered how I could have even tried at programming without it. I won't go back. And patching aspects of other applications outside Cocoa seems to be close to magic and require a very good knowledge of them. Which probably Andrew Stone doesn't have and doesn't want to spend time on acquiring.

Many things break in Carbon or have to be implemented a second time to work there. Even when these things are part of the operating system as the Services menu, say. I'm not saying it's superfluous – it's far from that, as Carbon applications always seem to be faster than Cocoa applications, so it surely has its uses – but it can be annoying.

I'll just have to mention this one as it annoys me every day and hope – but don't believe – it has been fixed in newer revisions: When my Powerbook is sleeping I cannot wake it up by pressing it's own mouse button. Pressing the button on an external mouse will wake it up, however. That just absurd. But so is having an ADB trackpad in a machine that's supposedly free of 'legacy' technology.

August 6, 2003, 1:05

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