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Pop Tarts

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The Guardian writes about Pop Tarts. They also wrote about the demise of the seven inch single recently (via 2lmc; greetings to Dave). Something disturbing pointed out there about CDs is the following

As soon as we pushed a compact disc into a slot, and there was a deadened silence before the song, a limbo moment that seemed to represent the way the art of pop had become big business, we felt that the magic had been tidied up, controlled.
That waiting for the music to begin has always annoyed me in CD players – don't get me started about computer CD drives. Luckily the one I've got now has a really tiny pause.

Enlightening: Illusions about shades of grey and another article on using colour.

For computer lovers: real text editing, Primate Programming and Mac codenames – although I can swear that the PowerMac 4400 didn't have one: According to a MacsBug readme that referenced Powerbooks by their Main Street and Wall Street code names, the place containing the code name for said PowerMac only featured a Who cares?.

August 5, 2003, 0:40

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