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Shopping ‘fun’

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Being in town to do some shopping earlier today, I met Jan-Philipp at the record store and we did some listening fun. I still seem to be a bit of a worn-out consumer at this stage though as I wanted to buy things but wasn't really convinced I had to get many. The one record I got, was Hot Hot Heat's Knock Knock Knock EP – EPs once again. I did my fair amount of sampling the band on the net beforehand and like the noisy unrefined and perhaps 'young' (immature?) sound, so yet another sale thanks to P2P networks.

Cover of Knock Knock Knock EP It being a 12" EP I was scared at first that it might require 45rpm to be played. As switching the speed of my record player is a bit of a nuisance, I try to avoid those. However, brilliantly, it plays at 33rpm and only one side of the record contains the five songs. And it's pink vinyl! Fun to listen to, loudly.

Sidenote/Hint: When downloading album covers from amazon websites, try the (continental) European ones. Image quality on amazon Germany seems much better than on amazon UK. Odd.

Also in town, people were preparing for tonight's ordeal, that is Altstadtfest, meaning the city centre is swamped with tacky stalls selling alcohol, mostly bad food and all sorts of junk. In addition everybody will get really wasted on stale over-priced drinks and 'enjoy' a choice of nine stages worth of live music covering the total range from crappy to cheesy.

Nobody in their right mind enjoys this, yet everyone will go there as there's nothing else going on.

August 30, 2003, 18:52

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