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Terminator 3

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Leif and me watched Terminator 3 today. Of course it could be downloaded from the internet but that would be missing the point. After all we didn't watch the film for its subtle plot-line, the all-new story or the utter consistency in which they handle time-travel, robots that can only see in front of them &c Sod all that.

We want larger-than-life trucks tearing down block after block of buildings. We want all the decibel that you can legally play at an audience to accompany that. We want bold statements presented by Schwarzenegger in his Austrian accent. We actually went to see the English version just to 'enjoy' his accent. I äm hier do brodäggt you, or so they wrote at the door. We want references to Terminator 2, an important film of the 1990s. And all that we got.

In addition we got the underwhelming John Connor, the insight that at the end it's always the dads who fuck things up and the metaphysical clue that you may be able to bend fate a little but won't be able to evade it – eeeek, I didn't wand to get into the storyline, did I?

So all fun – and did I mention the evil multiplex cinema has air condition? They should do more afternoon shows.

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August 5, 2003, 0:56

Tagged as arnold schwarzenegger, film, terminator.

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