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What a lovely dog!

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Also, a funny piece on iMac-ulate conception at The Guardian. Whatever substances they used – I want some.

It looks like there may finally be a device that comes close to the iPod spec-wise. Making this close a copy took quite a while this time around. Usability is probably another question. By virtue of its design, the iPod is easy to use for left-handed people as well. Did I mention I want one?

Pro (well, sort-of) and Contra PowerPoint. Via 2lmc and many others by inheritance.

Another Finder / internet location clipping bug: Go to Brian's blog and drag the address to the Finder. Later wonder why you can't find the internet location clipping. Slowly realise that the file was indeed created but isn't displayed because its name begins with a dot. Curse everyone who though storing metadata in file names was a good idea. While Bill Bumgarner may be right in principle that preaching in bug reports won't help, adding a little The revenge of storing metadata in file names to my bug report surely helps tolerating the pain.

Great Dilbert today!

August 22, 2003, 18:29

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