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The beast closes its chat forums. WTF? While I may be too old to see the point of chat systems like those to begin with, it surely seems that closing down one service won't do much good. Seeing that the alternatives are obvious.

Cue back many years: My parents didn't want me to watch too much telly when I was little – hence I didn't have my own telly and was restricted to only watching a few selected programmes. Easy isn't it? Now how would this translate to the exciting modern age of computers? No unsupervised computers with internet access for children who can't handle them responsibly. Easy again.

Then again, shouldn't kids be using their computers to do harmless things like downloading porn or killing each other in first person shooters? Why would they go be going for some boring Microsoft enhanced, ad-infused 'chat' thing instead?

But what do I know?

September 25, 2003, 1:08

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