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Ahh, the beauty of OSX...

Pierre Igot wonders whether full keyboard access can be activated on a per-application basis. Made me wonder as well... not that I need it.

The theory for this is, as far as I am concerned, that the user defaults stored in the defaults system for a particular application should override those stored for NSGlobalDomain. So pulling this trick should be simply a matter of adding the appropriate setting to the application's preference file using something like defaults write com.apple.TextEdit AppleKeyboardUIMode 1, say.

Et voilà, full keyboard access is active in TextEdit. This doesn't seem to work for Carbon applications (I tried iTunes), though. Must be a second class application framework or something. Eeek.

Duplicate Entries in Property List Editor While looking at the property list files in Property List Editor, I bumped into a strange quirk of that application again: Despite every entry only existing once in each property list, it sometimes lists certain entries several times. They don't exist in the file, oddly. The bad thing is that deleting those buggers seems impossible.

September 9, 2003, 22:34

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