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Yesterday was a nice but slow-ish day. We started off with a nice cooked breakfast in our flat. Among the five of us we had four varieties of eggs – hard boiled, scrambled, sunny-side up and sunny-side down – as well as bacon: juicy, crisp, charcoaled and none. One more time to realise that I quite enjoy cooking, moving things around the stove &c. The flat smelled a bit of bacon afterwards, though. We even had baked beans, which are oddly considered a specialty food item in Germany and can be hard and expensive to get.

Later on I did my bit of laundry and tidying my room – although I didn't dare to empty all my shelves and dust them properly – a treatment they do need.

In the afternoon Ansgar and me finally picked up balls for our house's table football table and played a couple of games. I lost all but one of them after which I triumphantly ran around the table. Lots of more practice is needed there – once the skin on my thumb has grown back... I don't like football, but table football is fun. The little figures on the table wear hats and silly smiles. Odd. Must not try to make funny remark about the different names for this and related games internationally.

Later: pizza delivery – that much for 'I love cooking', we found quite a good service recently – listening to records and a couple of phone calls I didn't get round to making earlier.

September 1, 2003, 19:23

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