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I raved here about the Swedish band Mando Diao before after seeing them play in January. Not as much as I intended, though. After only having finally ordered their record from a Swedish mailorder thing today , it seems at least the CD makes its way slowly out of Scandinavia as well. Cool.

I heard one of their songs in a commercial for some mobile phone company on telly tonight. The dark side of the force seems to have discovered the band as well by now. It's always quite an odd sensation if you hear a song you know and like when you won't expect it. It takes a few seconds to realise what's going on exactly.

When departing from Britain, I picked up a copy a copy of Mojo magazine. Generally, I think I find this magazine on the underwhelming side. Somehow the choice of music and the general writing struck me as boring. But they have a 50 page special on Detroit music which – as Dave pointed out to me sometime – goes back further than just a few years.

I didn't find all of it interesting, but it definitely gives some background – and Iggy Pop being interviewed by Jack White. The pièce de résistance of the magazine, however, was the included A2 poster of The White Stripes similar to and by the same artist as the one I got for christmas. That alone made buying the thing worthwhile. I think I'll put it up in my office.

Talking about magazines. I recently bought the current issue of du – the Swiss magazine for being pretentious in an intellectual way. The whole issue is made to be an encyclopedia of current things. Fun.

September 22, 2003, 0:47

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