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Short course day 1

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The first day of the short course is over. Things have been pretty standard so far. Lectures were all right, not getting in the hard stuff, yet, but still leaving enough open questions. Everything was as disorganised as you'd expect from mathematicians: Not enough organisation for everyone, particularly the organisers, being sure things will work out – but enough for it to actually do.

Compared to the course I attended last year, they didn't get the details right, though. For example, last year there was an offer to have dinner together on the day of arrival which was a good opportunity to get to know those who had already arrived. Knowing that mathematicians are the kind of people who will sit in a room and stare at one another in silence unless hit with a stick to do otherwise, these opportunities should be used to get things going in some way.

Also, the facilites here are much more anonymous than they were in Durham, where we had a dedicated 'common room' type of thing to ourselves with some papers and a board to spend time in between meals and lectures.

September 15, 2003, 23:58

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