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In the end quite a few people came over to my little waffle party yesterday. More than I had expected at least – as my friends don't have the best track record for turning up and my 'strategy' of not giving them more than two days of advance warning usually doesn't help too much either.

We had both sweet waffles with cherries and ice cream as well as savoury waffles with parmesan and herbs right in the batter and cheesy stuff on top. Along with wine and beer and, later on, the extremely rich (and allegedly low-fat) banana-chocolate birthday cake my flatmates made.

Nice presents as well. A nice new desk lamp from my parents. Very nice in fact. And the Well Tempered Clavier played by Keith Jarrett as vinyl from my friends are definite highlights. I've almost finished listening to the latter for the first time and I definitely like it better than his recording of the Goldberg Variations, which may be due to the fact that he uses a piano instead of a cembalo this time around.

September 8, 2003, 23:15

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