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John Gruber on whose in AppleScript. Yes, they're cool. Not only cool but potentially very useful. They're the scripting equivalent of the increasingly ubiquitous filter fields in applications. Restricting your data to subsets seems to be a very natural way of working – if not the only way to to structured work.

Unfortunatle I've found whose hard or even impossible to use in any but the most obvious situations. So I'm looking forward to the examples that John might provide in the future. Perhaps they'll address more complicated situations as well. 'Complicated' situations seem to be those where you have nested data structures. Basically, any example that shows me how to write the one-liners needed to extract 'everyone born in September' or 'anyone having 555 in their phone number' from my address book will make me happy.

September 20, 2003, 22:48


Trackback “AppleScript Whose” from Michael Tsai’s Weblog:

John Gruber writes about the AppleScript whose clause, which add a kind of declarative filtering to AppleScript. whose is great in simple situations, but it doesn’t scale. The more interesting point: why do so many languages force you to use tem…

September 21, 2003, 19:56

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