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I hadn't been to see a dentist in ages – about two years perhaps. So it was well about time to do so. Mainly I didn't go there earlier because I wanted to go to my dentist. The one I've gone to ever since I had teeth. The one with the red entrance door. Unfortunately that dentist is in Bremen and I spent the last few years elsewhere, reluctant to look for a new one. So going there was limited to my rare visits.

Fortunately I got an appointment for Wednesday morning. It wasn't actually my dentist in the end but one from the same practice that my brother had been to before. They did a bit of dental clearance and removing stains and only saw a bad bit on the very last tooth they inspected. It was minor and they only did a tiny bit of drilling and glueing on a little plastic patch (using some kind of UV-light to harden it immediately) in just a few minutes. Nothing painful, luckily. And my 'brushing technique' seems to be good as well. It has been – ever since I got one of those rotating electric brushes.

I've always been amazed with the dentist's chair. Who hasn't? If you're little and you have that amazing shiny thing with many buttons that can move in all directions. Exciting! But it also occurred to me that those chairs must have good engineering and design in them as well. Tools have to be within easy reach, dials and buttons have to be accessed with the least effort and ideally from different places, so both the dentist himself and the assistant can operate them. At the same time, they have to look very clean and clear as to not irritate the patients more than necessary.

And all those tools seem to be operated by pressurised air. Very clever, very quiet and apparently working very well.

Nonetheless, even with all the good design and only minor painless drilling going on – there's no way I'll ever be able to relax when someone's using a power tool inside my mouth.

October 16, 2003, 19:32

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