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Kodak Picture CD

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When I picked up the prints of the photos I took at the Wir sind Helden concert, I also found a Kodak Picture CD in the envelope. Now this wasn't completely surprising as I had ordered the damn thing to save myself the effort of having to scan the prints.

The photos came out rather nasty – owing to the found one-way camera used (which also contained a photo of my dad talking to his Powerbook's mouse) and its rather incapable flash. So I won't complain about the image quality, although 1536xsomething isn't huge.

But the whole way that CD is designed makes me want to puke. It's utterly horrible and ugly. Many folders with many different and mutilated names are scattered at its top level. There seem to be a bunch of Windows only applications on it. There also was a Classic (it's 2003 after all) slideshow application thingy for the Mac, the uselessness of which would even put the creations of the most rabid RealBasic programmers to shame. According to the Readme file said application contains a check box that doesn't affect anything as it's only intended for Windows systems... riighty, I shall phone the folks at Perversiontracker immediately.

Luckily I managed to find the folder hiding the 11MB worth of JPEG files of my underexposed photos. Copying them was simple. Although, even there I felt I may have been missing out as I couldn't enjoy what looks like the file name substitution suggested by one of the files on the CD: changing meaningful names like FH000001.JPG to much more meaningful names like 001_na.jpg.

October 18, 2003, 1:42

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