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How many computer books?

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Somehow the question How many computer books do you own? came across may mind recently. I think this happened because many people whose amazon wish lists I have looked at random seem to have computer books on there and I wondered why anybody would want to receive or give anything as boring as a computer book as a present.

Personally I don't like computer books. For many of them the information in them is worthless after a while and possibly available online as well. Having hardcover computer books seems like a waste of good money.

Now let me do a quick reality check and compare my theory to my book shelf. My answer is five. There are two hardcover volumes of the very old editions of Helmut Kopka's German book on LaTeX. I nicked them off my dad and haven't used them in ages. There's a very thick paperback on HyperCard which I got from my school ages ago for running a class on that topic. It's not a good book. There's the HyperCard script language guide which isn't a book strictly speaking but much better than the previous one. With a good manual you don't need books. And there is a bound and autographed copy of volume one of The Art of Computer Programming. I didn't read much of it. Got stuck solving exercise 4 on page xvii...

November 2, 2003, 19:54

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