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iPod Wars

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The Guardian thinks that The iPod is still very hard to beat. It could be smaller, it could be cheaper, it could be wireless it could offer better battery time. But no-one else does significanly better either. And that's considering that the iPod's design is quite old by now.

Also, the article features a whole new stereotype for Mac owners – my emphasis:

Central to the iPod's appeal to Windows PC rather than Mac buyers (who, lets face it, would buy the product if it was a huge brick with limited storage just because it sports the Apple logo) has been that, in terms of design, there has been nothing to touch the cool elegant lines and contemporary white finish of the player.
Quite a contrast to the usual. Ah, they don't use Macs because they're good or anything but only because they're pretty. one.

November 1, 2003, 14:03

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