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How do I set my program's 'short version string' in XCode? The only way I found was to edit the file in my project bundle manually. This can't be it.

The file list and 'automatic playlist' file lists are neat. But they don't deal particularly well with localised files. Why aren't the localised sub-files displayed seperately there? Why can't I switch easily to the other localised versions when seeing one of them? In the same way that I can switch between header file and code for a class.

I'll add a request for help here as I'm pretty sure other people have figured this out and I was too blind to find it: I wanted to make XCode automatically generate a disk image with my application after building. After a bit of net 'research' I figured out the commands (see below) I need to create the disk image I want. But I didn't manage to make XCode execute them in a 'Shell Script' build phase. Sadly, the manual explains exactly everything I thought I had understood without giving any more examples. So how do I do this?

The commands I want to run are hdiutil create -ov -format UDZO -layout NONE -imagekey zlib-level=9 -fs 'HFS+' -srcfolder Rechnungs\ Checker Rechnungs\ Checker.dmg and hdiutil internet-enable -yes. The hdiutil command seems to be very powerful. But it's very strange as well as playing around with harmless-looking options may change your file size, e.g. leaving out the -fs 'HFS+' part.

Further update: In Mac OS X.4 and higher you can also replace the 'UDZO' format designator be 'UDBZ' to get even better compression – those images will require X.4 to be opened, though.

I'd just like to note as well that I find it hard to locate XCode in my dock. I'll re-state my point that there are too many blue icons in OS X.

November 8, 2003, 19:38

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