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Cookie Porn

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Yesterday I borrowed Björn's digital camera. It's very nice one (Canon Powershot G3, I think it was called) – a bit on the ugly side with too many buttons perhaps, but otherwise with what seems to be a more serious lens and lots of 'manual' features that most digital cameras lack. It even has a 'Tv' mode that's already been present on my dad's T-70 analog SLR camera from the 1980s. It lets you set the exposure time and will adjust the aperture accordingly. Similarly there's a mode for doing the opposite. Other niceties I managed to find just by pressing the buttons included the ability to arbitrarily set the region that it focuses on and the fact that you can really have out-of-focus bits in your photos. (Dislikes included the built-in flash as with all built-in flashes and the fact that the camera will turn itself off while images are being copied to the computer, something that my mom's Canon camera does as well).

Anyway, using that fine tool I continued in my tradition of food photos – most photos I make are either of food or of people sitting at a table having food – and made pictures of the cookies we made on Sunday. As the camera was doing so well, I made quite a few shots and got results that were much better than what I am used to getting from other digital cameras.

Have a look.

December 10, 2003, 19:54


Comment by Richard Anderson: User icon

I was wondering when we would see photos of those cookies. (I love all things food.) They look yummy.

I have a G3 (not to be confused with my G4 or G5) and have been pretty happy with it. While the optical viewfinder is inexcusable (given your close-ups you maybe did not use it) I purchased said camera for the speed of its lens (took me a long time to explain to my sister that this referred to its light gathering ability) and the strength of its battery. (I carry a spare battery all the time but have never had one run out of juice unexpectedly. Bastards.)

The last important feature I looked for in a new digital camera was manual control. The G3 gives everything I could hope for — short of going the digital SLR route which I am still waiting on and bitter about since Canon changed their lens connection with the EOS line. (An old Nikon SLR lens will fit their newest cameras. I have about $2000 worth of SLR lenses for my trusty Canon A1.)

December 11, 2003, 1:20

Comment by ssp: User icon

You’re right. The viewfinder is just an embarrassment. And yes, I didn’t use it for the pictures I took. I found the display to be good enough for that. In fact, when first seeing the camera I thought having a display this adjustable in position was quite a waste. However, I really appreciated its flexibility as I could comfortably see its contents no matter how I held the camera.

Same bitterness about the Canon lenses here. As I’ve detailed a while ago, I now have my dad’s old EF (which as far as I can tell is a cheapskate’s A-1). My dad still has a T-70. And we have a couple of nice lenses (24, 50, 135 and 500mm), along with a cheap-but-versatile zoom thingy.

Recently my dad has been considering to get a EOS 300-D nonetheless. But I doubt he’ll invest too much in nice lenses to begin with. Still, it looks like a nice toy.

December 12, 2003, 18:03

Comment by Anonymous: User icon

You are so cool. I have a magazine of cookie dough that I’m selling for chorus, and have been walking around with it for the last few days, talking about cookie porn. I even made up a cookie porn cheer at lunch yesterday. It was an amazing experience for me to go online and find your site ACTUALLY LABELLED COOKIE PORN!!! There truly is a God.

November 5, 2004, 19:54

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