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Today was Claus moving day. He moved from Göttingen where he started in university doing physics at the same time as I did to Berlin where he'll work on his PhD. It's sad to see a friend go with whom you've shared a lot of your university time – we even spent the same time abroad, although he's been at the climatically advantageous Berkeley while I was at Warwick.

Still, I helped him move today which meant getting up early moving his entire really heavy furniture and belongings from the second floor onto a truck (a huge 7.5 ton one – the size that I'm still legally allowed to drive but wouldn't dare to as they're so freaking huge for my taste). Then waiting for the landlord to get the keys, drive to Berlin, which is about 350km, which in turn translates to just over two hours by train, but three and half by car and even longer when you have a truck with you that may only go 80km/h. The journey took us even longer as we had to make a 45 minute break because you're not allowed to drive a truck for more than 4 hours or so in a row – and doing the maths you'll see that the distance in question is just too long. Add to that turning wrong once and getting stuck in rush-hour traffic (on a Saturday?!).

After that everything had to be carried back to Claus' new second floor flat. And even with eight and five people helping in the carrying down/up processes respectively and them being fairly quick, everybody was quite knackered after that. – And Claus will have more fun in the coming week when trying to re-assemble his furniture.

Being in Berlin now, I use the opportunity to see The Strokes on their only German gig tomorrow night together with Jean before returning back to Göttingen early on Monday.

December 13, 2003, 23:53

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