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I stumbled across this text about moving a while ago. It made me think about all the things I possess and am possessed by. And I am a bit schizophrenic about this:

On the one hand I really like the idea of being able to pack my things and leave quickly with everything I like with me. One of the reasons why I having a Powerbook is great. All my old letters, lots of music, most of my work – all in there. 2,5 kilos and I've got all of it with me.

On the other hand I simply love buying books, CDs and records. And I like to keep them. Having records is downright silly from the 'mobility' point of view as they don't even offer themselves for easy transfer to the computer. CDs are also heavy and take up a lot of space. The same for books. While I probably will not or only very rarely look into most of the books I've read again – I still like to have them around for browsing my book-shelf &c

And then there are many other things. What about the posters I've become so used to? Except for that one Apple You are here, leave your mark poster they're probably replacable. What about my video tapes? Not used much but with quite a few goodies on there – including a bilingual taping of the utterly brilliant Wild Palms mini-series. What about my folders of notes that occasionally want to be referred to? What about the furniture? Apart from an arm chair and my bed it's replaceable Ikea goodness (except that you can't buy 90cm Billy shelves these days perhaps – but I won't be too picky there. What about my beloved stereo? Wouldn't want to leave that behind, but it's light and small (sans the record player, that is).

So I own more things than I can carry. Many of them for a good reason. Quite a few just because they've been around for long enough. Sometimes it's hard to tell which are which. But then again, reading this week's War Against Silence makes me feel that I don't really have a problem with owning too many CDs... I started to be overwhelmed and lose track when I entered the realm of three digit numbers.

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.

Me and Bobby McGee

December 5, 2003, 23:47

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