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Yesterday we had the opportunity to sample a couple of wines at Jan-Philipp's place. Owing to the fact that his family make their own wine, he has a lot of experience and is quite knowledgeable on the topic. We tasted a choice of seven different wines from different regions, of different grapes and different prices.

Apart from being fun, this was also educational as to the different tastes that are possible in wines and that are typical for the different kinds. And while seven may not sound like a huge variety, I also found it a bit overwhelming to begin with. Tasting so many (not so) slightly different things at once is quite hard for my untrained tongue. Particularly in conjunction with my notoriously bad memory.

Luckily, Jan-Philipp had gone the extra way to make a little handout with information on the wine and a photo of the bottle – cheers for digital cameras here – which I found a great help for remembering which ones I liked.

My first conclusion of this is probably a trivial one: If I am to be able to tell wines apart or even judge their taste reasonably reliably, there are still many bottles to be tried.

January 18, 2004, 19:04

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