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As we currently lack a daily paper, I decided to refute to some good old morning television when having breakfast. It was dreadful. Carnival-related shows throughout. So I decided to watch… CNN of all stations in the vain hope to get some news.

What I got instead were more details than I would ever want about how certain industries were doing at the stock market. Highly interesting information like the energy sector is weak, having lost 0.4% compared to yesterday or the Euro is flat against the Pound, with the exchange rate being read out in all its five digit glory.

Now who cares for that kind of information? Certainly not Joe average stock holder as he won't be able to react immediately enough to get any benefit from it. Nor will it be Jane stock broker as she'll for sure have her own wire subscription of some kind and will happily do without her business news being diluted by commercials, pesky world news (ahem), or useful information such as that the OPEC is trying to keep the oil price between US$22 and US$28 per barrel, which she'll already know.

Thus, once more there is something the purpose of which is completely beyond me as it seems to serve nobody.

And after somebody explained this to me, I'll go and try to understand why companies like IBM have TV commercials for their big server iron or consulting services. I though those are the kind of thing which shouldn't be sold through commercials, considering the expertise and the amounts of money involved. I mean have you ever seen commercials for other heay duty professional tools, say, buses, forklifts or submarines on telly. I know I haven't.

I guess I ask these questions because I foolishly consider Dilbert a joke rather than a description of reality.

February 25, 2004, 2:21

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