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The past two days have been nice and sunny – yet cold. While the sun makes it seem reasonably warm during daytime, the cold fully kicks in one the sun has set, making it still necessary to wear gloves when riding a bike, say.

Thus I am carrying my gloves with me as I did all winter. Obviously, gloves aren't the best thing to wear when trying to (un)lock your lock, hence I put them off while doing so. And I tend to just place them on the bike standing next to my own. What's new is that I recently tend to simply forget my gloves there. That in turn causes me to search – without success – them when I am leaving the next time… only to find them just where I left them when I parked my bike.

That said, it's probably not necessary to point out that my gloves are rather old and ugly. I wouldn't take them if they weren't already mine.

February 25, 2004, 2:31

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