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Dave links to an analysis of SUVs and their buyers. Apart from the faux-pas of comparing and SUV to the iMac, there's not much news there but its nicely collected and presented.

One thing that is apparent, is the different perception of car size even the author of that text has: He describes a VW Jetta as a car that is so small and close to the ground, and so dwarfed by other cars on the road. While I'm no expert on cars, I basically think that a Jetta is simply 'a Golf with a boot' and thus a normal sized car. If you want small cars why not talk about a smart, a Lupo, a Twingo, a Cinquecento, a Corsa or a Ka (being in a student I have crammed myself into too many of those). These are small cars.

Talking about the Golf, which is probably the most German of cars since the demise of the Beetle ages ago – its fifth revision seems to have come out recently. Not that I care much. But jogging my memory, I can't remember to have ever driven a car that's not made by VW or one of its subsidiaries. Odd. Nice aswell, as all those cars from first revision Golfs to my dad's Audi have all the gears and important buttons in the same places which makes life easier for the infrequent driver.

February 21, 2004, 2:58

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