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Hosed Hosting

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Our domain has been AWOL for a few days even more days... because of a 'server upgrade'. An upgrade that was long overdue.

It seems like the highly competent people hos(t)ing our domain stopped in mid-upgrade because the weekend started... in particular this means that I am without my main e-mail address. Our dodgy hosting service is at least one of (a) incompetent (b) in Romania (c) titsup (d) criminal (e) a carpet dealer in Hamburg. Update: People seem to discuss the situation here – although I doubt anyone will be able to read this before the situation is sorted out somehow. On the good side: Being cut off my e-mail also means a distinct lack of spam.

We have actually switched to a different provider by now. Which made things take even longer to get everything moved between companies and whatever. Hope we're more lucky with this one. I also hope this doesn't affect my e-mail contacts and our Google rankings too much. More than a week of downtime is quite a lot.

February 16, 2004, 0:41

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