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We got it!

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Surprisingly our flat hunt found an end tonight.

The story is a bit twisted: We started looking for a new flat in January. And we saw a few nice ones on the first day, but all of them had little drawbacks, so we decided to look further. Unfortunately, none of the flats we saw later were as good as those we saw on the first day in terms of the complete mix of factors like space, location, price, relative size of rooms and of course 'nice'. In particular one of those flats from the first day was very nice. And that wasn't only the flat but also the caretaker and the landlady who were very friendly.

Having been on a downhill journey since that first week and with time starting to be tight – two months until we absolutely have to have left our current flat – we tried our luck to call the landlady of that first flat again. She told us that she had just rented the flat out to a group of 18 year olds and was already regretting that choice. To us this felt like adding injury to the insult we had experienced on Friday afternoon by that ultra-conservative landlord who absolutely couldn't cope with the idea of people 'just' living together. Insert a fair deal of cursing here.

Tonight said landlady phoned again – apparently having dug through all the past weeks' classifieds and phoning half a dozen of other people before tracking ours – and hence us – down. But she managed. So we're having a place to live in from April.

Next are of course the practical difficulties as we'll have to buy our own kitchen appliances, washing machine &c – but that'll work in some way.

And they were happy ever after. Or so it goes.

February 3, 2004, 0:04

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