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Does poultry count as meat?

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I think the only reason that I don't hate vegetarians is that I know too many of them. And even knowing shockingly many, I find it hard to deal with. Even the non-bitchy vegetarians can spoil meals just because they're there. They are your friends and you know that you can't invite them over for dinner if you don't cater for their Weltanschauung-induced eating disorder. I suppose the same holds for your average hindu, muslim, jew, christian (fish on fridays and that whole lent thing, I guess), so the veggies aren't alone on this it's just that I know many veggies but very few people who are serious about religious eating constraints.

To me, the omnivorous second party, there's not much of a difference between the person A not wanting to eat a tasty piece of beef because she thinks it tastes foul or person B not wanting to eat a tasty piece of beef because he thinks it's bad to eat meat. Both are of course legitimate choices or matters of taste – and being a good host I'll try to respect them. As I'll try to cater for the person who'll only eat steak and chips and refuse everything else.

The bottom line: If everybody insisted on having it their way as vegetarians do, we'd never be able to have more than a handful people over for dinner without being a professional cook.

I like many vegetarian side dishes and dishes. I have no problem with those. In fact I have been eating many of those since being at uni. If only for the price tag that comes with a nice piece of meat. And I know you can have decent vegetarian dishes. But there don't seem to be enough of them to go round that take it up with a meat dish.

Just think of a really nice meal... and now think of a really nice meal without meat.

Recipe suggestions welcome.

March 3, 2004, 2:26

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