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Before leaving San Francisco, my brother had to have the alignment on the car adjusted. The repair guy said it could do with a whole new steering, but that would probably cost more than the car is worth… Once the car was fixed, we started driving down the coast. First to Santa Cruz, with its strange fun fare type thing and on the next day further down to Monterey (I may have to read Cannery Row after all) and San Luis Obispo. Before the fog came up those were very nice and scenic drives along the highway number one.

San Luis Obispo started with a little shock as we couldn't find a motel for less than $60 as it was the weekend. But the money was well-spent. Not only was the motel one of the newest and least smelling we had. It also had 'Speed Channel' on its cable TV offerings – a crucial detail that enabled my brother to watch the formula one race later on. In town, we had truely nice and gigantic burgers for dinner and went to the brewery thingy they have later on. They had 'got beer?' T-shirts for sale – sadly with only the girly sizes being in stock.

Both Santa Cruz and San Luis Obispo downtowns seemed quite sympathetic as they were more 'alive' than the other towns we had seen. With people actually walking around at night and so on. Although most of the population seems to be under age – considering the coffee shop to pub ratios.

March 21, 2004, 21:50

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