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My Life. To Go.

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Towards the end of the month we'll be moving. From the round structure here to a house in the triangle here. I've been living in our current flat for almost two years now. It's a nice flat. Purpose built for student living. But still modern, comfortable, quite generous in space and cool, even. Having to leave is sad.

As I am leaving the country on Thursday, I already have to start packing my stuff. And that is horrible. I spent the whole evening emptying my shelves and putting things into boxes. Now I am out of boxes and there are still some things left. Of course I try not to make boxes too heavy, but the act of putting my stuff into those boxes once more showed that the good intention of not putting too many books into a single box only lasts until I realise that most things I own are books – or CDs or LPs or videos which have a comparably unfavourable density when it comes to packing.

If only we were living in the digital age where I can have digital copies of all my books, music and films. High quality digital copies along with display devices that match the comfort and quality of their analogue counterparts. I could just grab my iPod instead of having to spend hours packing today. And even more hours disassembling shelves tomorrow.

When I left the UK in 2001, I had the things I had with me there neatly packed into about a cubic metre in Pete's living room (ask me for a photo in a few weeks time if you care). My Life. To go, I thought, sighing. This time around there are many more things. I currently have three 2 metre high piles of boxes standing at my wall.

Observations I made during packing: I must have done a lot for the economy through the wonders of mail order in the past two years. There were so many little boxes hiding beneath my desk. I often keep magazines around. Mainly for the photos. I cut out the best ones and threw all but a handful of them away. Even though you have to pay for carrier bags in Germany and I try to have one with me when shopping, I have accumulated many of them.

March 7, 2004, 1:37


Comment by Quest For Wavelets: User icon

Hi! I stumbled into your blog while I was googling for some wavelet blogs to see if there exists such thing at all. I got to read what you wrote on JPEG 2000 on Dec 6, 2003. I thought these sites might be of your interest if you haven’t already been there.




I wasn’t sure where to post the message that I decided to post it here.

Fairly mathy blog that I actually enjoyed reading.

March 7, 2004, 19:41

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