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Unicode Checker 1.6

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UnicodeChecker Icon It's been a while since the previous update of UnicodeChecker. But despite the little increment in version numbers, this is a big one and Steffen has put a lot of effort into this. If you use UnicodeChecker regularly, I recommend updating. In case you are using OS X.3, that is. Unfortunately the major new feature, support for different fonts, requires OS X.3 to work.

New features are:

Multiple Font support
You can now choose the preferred font in which to display characters. In addition, a little menu will display all fonts that have a glyph for the chosen character. This has been the most-requested feature for UnicodeChecker so far.
Dramatic speed improvements
Launching UnicodeChecker now is 20-50% faster than it was before. Displaying character information is about twice as fast. This will be good news for those of us using the Services and AppleScript features of UnicodeChecker a lot. Me, for example.
UnicodeChecker now offers Back and Forward buttons for quickly jumping to the characters you have viewed previously. A history menu in the style of web browsers has also been added
Character names from the 'Adobe Glyph Library', the 'Adobe Glyph Library for New Fonts' and Zapf Dingbats names are now displayed wherever available. As an extra goodie for programmers who want to enter Unicode Characters in XCode, you can now click the label of the UTF-8 Hex field to switch it to octal display of the UTF-8 value.
XHTML variants
There is now a preference for choosing whether you want our Unicode → XHTML service to output hexadecimal or decimal Unicode XHTML entities and whether to use entities like ä instead of their numerical equivalents.
The UI has been improved in a few places and information display is a bit more efficient.

March 5, 2004, 14:18

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Earthlingsoft’s quite useful swiss-army-knife application for dealing with character encoding gets a major update.

March 6, 2004, 1:41

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