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It's a bit sunny this afternoon. So I sat on the balcony reading the paper. Unfortunately it's a bit noisy because it's right above a street. Perhaps we should get some music here – a kitchen stereo or something – to fight that.

Now I am trying to enjoy our wireless network at the same time, following in the recent trend in balcony blogging. Sadly, as I feared, it sucks. The screen is extremely hard to read in the sun. Hints: Turning off the background light won't make a difference – meaning that you might be able to get more time of the bad experience out of your battery. Trying to use the contrast settings of the universal access system preference (Command-Option-Control comma and full stop respectively) may make things a little bit easier to read. Inverting the screen doesn't. Enlarging does :)

April 25, 2004, 16:20

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