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After being victims of stupid German shops (closing at 18:00) on Saturday and having to make do with grocery shopping after that, Ansgar and me went to another DIY market to get a work board for our kitchen. The boards themselves are quite cheap – €20 and up – and for another €10 they cut it into the shape we needed. It was surprising to see the DIY store so busy in the morning – don't these people have to work?! On the other hand that was quite helpful as one guy told us how to actually mount the work board. Some people seem to enjoy that DIY stuff. I don't.

We also used to opportunity to get a barbecue for our balcony, some lamps &c. The next, frightening, step will be to go ahead and mount that board. I am not looking forward to that and I fear it might not come out as straight as it should be. Also, we'll have to do something to protect the wall behind the sink and work board as the wallpaper there is bound to become dirty quickly. I thought about putting thin metal sheets there. But the sheets we saw were both expensive and rather ugly. So we may have to make do with something simpler.

April 5, 2004, 19:53

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