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I spent this weekend in Berlin, attending a party at Claus' place and visiting Yassin and Jean, both of which I hadn't seen in months.

I also went to see the MoMA exhibition from New York that is currently at the Neue Nationalgalerie. Apparently I was very lucky to get in there at all on Saturday as it seems to be rather busy. It was still rather crowded, making the visit a bit uncomfortable due to all the people getting in your way and the lack of air conditioning. Many famous and cool paintings there – and a few I didn't like as well. A nice thing about modern art is that it can be rather geometrical. Being into geometry means of course that I like those shapes and have spent a minute or two thinking about symmetry and such things. I wonder whether artists think about those aspects of geometry in the same way or whether their sense of shapes and symmetry is more – 'arty'.

As part of the exhibition they had a museum shop with many cool and pretty little things. I think the concept of having these shops, making a visit to an exhibition not only a cultural/educational but also a shopping experience is only starting to be popular over here.

May 3, 2004, 11:12

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