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During my second year at Warwick, I was a member of the wonderful Offbeat society which is devoted to celebrating indie music. Not only did I have a great time at the various events but I also got to know many great people, even more music and lured into DJing said music. I've been missing all that ever since I left – nights out with decent music are rare in Göttingen.

But yesterday we've been out to a night named 'Jukebox Explosion', which in many details reminded me of some of the Offbeat nights we had. Starting from the facts that indie kids like discos where you get sweets when you arrive, that they like silly cartoons, both for posters and for projecting during the event. Yesterday they even had little toy robots (even exactly the same that I used to have when I was little – it had a yellow button on its head and upon pressing it it would drive around, it's eyes would flash ad it'd say either of Hello, my name is Robbie, come and play with me. or Hello, my name is Robbie. Do you want to be my friend?). The music was enjoyable as well – ranging from britpop classics to the now ubiquitious Jet or Franz Ferdinand.

They also had a fun song which must have been the Beastie Boys remixing Lust for Life. Quite cool.

Some girl was wearing a shirt that had in the style of football players' shirts name/number combinations 'Stalingrad 43' printed on it. I am all for irony – but the kind you see frequently only seems 'ironic' (in ' '). Somehow it just looks like an excuse to mindlessly cross lines which you rather shouldn't. What's next? Srebrenica 95? Abu Ghraib 04?

May 22, 2004, 15:11

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