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Today was somehow a big shopping day. The first excursion took us to Ikea once more to get some more details for our flat right. I ended up with a OSX Finder style waste paper basket for my room (I used to throw the used paper on the floor until now) and a few more cardboard boxes for my personal use. For our flat we – finally – got a decent lamp to put over the kitchen table, a newspaper rack to put the magazines in – and to hide our ugly wireless networking devices in, a magnetic strip to hold the knives which I have always wanted and that I put my large knife on which I had sharpened last week, a metal bar to put some other kitchen devices on on hooks – which were out at Ikea, bum! – and two shelves for the bathroom, which despite being ludicrously cheap (€12 a pop) turned out really easy to assemble, really cleverly designed and not too ugly after all.

We also wanted to get another shelf for our kitchen but customer service at Ikea kept us from actually buying it. After leaving we also bought hot dogs which is a good way to finish a trip to Ikea. – If you're living in Scandinavia it may happen that hot dogs are the only 'meat' you can afford.

Later on I went grocery shopping to try out the okonomiyaki recipe that Chiho sent me a link to. Just let me say this: Using a Japanese recipe in English to buy stuff at a Vietnamese owned Asian store in Germany isn't exactly a recipe for success. Many levels of translation happen in that process – and many levels that I am not in control of in particular. We'll see how well this works... I am off to cook now.

May 8, 2004, 23:33

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