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Today was just a little bit too much uni. Coming at 9, leaving at 8 and having eight hours of seminars and teaching in between. Which essentially means I've been busy all day without getting anything done – and that's not so nice.

On the upside, one of the talks was by Serge Lang, who is a guest at our department for a few days. He can probably be considered a celebrity mathematician – as far as celebrity mathematicians go. Not only has he been active in mathematics for more than half a century, but also written quite a few research books, textbooks and non-maths related articles. In fact, he seems to be opinionated about many topics and seeks arguments. Fun.

What's quite amazing is that he agreed (or even wanted – I am not quite sure) to give three talks in total, at different levels of expertise, with the last one for our undergraduate students. That's quite cool. Even more remarkable, as he's said to be around 80 already (I would have guessed he's 70).

May 26, 2004, 23:41

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