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Music downloads done wrong

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I downloaded a track of the very first recordings CD by Glenn Gould off iTMS. I am a big fan of Glenn Gould and always eager to buy his recordings. This album of historic recordings has only been released last year and I didn't get around to buying it. Partly because the sound quality isn't too great, partly because it's over €16 and partly because the middle part isn't piano only.

In comes iTMS, which really looks like a good deal here. I could get the whole album for €11, or only the nine tracks I'm interested in for €9. I assume the sound quality isn't too much of a problem here because the recordings are audibly old anyway (I might be wrong about that, though, because the 'badness' of recording vs the 'badness' of AAC compression might be orthogonal). Finally, I started with the first track, which comes at a whopping 10+ minutes, so it is quite a good deal.

But then I wasn't too impressed. Why? Just consider the following screenshot I made of iTunes:

iTunes Info Window

So what have we got?

You see – iTMS is as good as the P2P networks after all.

[Information provided by amazon for comparison.]

July 12, 2004, 18:49

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