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Let’s quickly recap the physical demise of my Powerbook:

I managed to put those key caps back on but they came loose again when typing. Particularly the Ctrl key is sensitive to that.

Now as my luck had it, Steffen’s iBook was beered during a party and its keyboard rendered unusable by that. Hence there were a few spare keycaps of which Steffen sent me the two relevant ones.

iBook key caps

As a consequence my Powerbook now has a white ctrl key (and probably a white fn key as soon as it comes off again). It looks a bit strange with the wrong colour and wrong font on it, but it works well. Also makes the Powerbook more unique.

And now somebody can tell me why the most trivial spare parts aren’t sold by Apple and why people have to buy them on eBay for insane amounts of money. Not exactly good customer service.

Addendum: As people are wondering, let me stress that I treat my Powerbook well. I always take it with me wrapped in one of my mom-made ‘Powerbags’, it is scratch-free and I never dropped it, rode a car over it or anything such like. While I’ve heard of Powerbooks that have been treated badly and they still worked, mine didn’t deal with ‘normal use’ to well. I still like my Powerbook and it handles its computational chores all right. It’s also the best looking computer I know of (well, portable, perhaps, as there’s still the G4 Cube). But this fact shouldn’t make us forget that Apple haven’t been to good at high-quality manufacturing for a while. Titanium, my ass. The risk of things wearing out quickly and Apple being completely useless at providing spare parts at a fair price is something you need to mention if people ask your opinion about the machines. I wouldn’t want people to buy something and then blame me for its lack of quality. Particularly the latch problem, which is made worse by the broken case, affects day-to-day use as it makes carrying the computer around in sleep mode a bit of a gamble. And the spare part require for that would be a little metal piece that I could easily replace myself.

August 20, 2004, 0:36


Comment by Gummi: User icon

Steffen’s iBook was beered during a party

That’s fantastic, the term not the event, I’ve never heard of that one before.

And now somebody can tell me why the most trivial spare parts aren’t sold by Apple and why people have to buy them on eBay for insane amounts of money. Not exactly good customer service.

It’s not just the small stuff, though. Since Apple has discontinued the old Airport cards those things are selling for high prices on eBay.

It really makes no sense, and I guess it has a lot to do with forcing people to upgrade the whole package (lots of dough), rather than swapping and changing bits around (lots of dough thx to Apple).

August 20, 2004, 13:29

Comment by ssp: User icon

Re beering: Well, I made that one up. I was about to write ‘watered with beer’, which just seemed wrong…

Re Airport cards: That sucks a lot. Apple pioneered those cards and gave airport slots to the people. And now that easy upgrade can’t be done anymore. My guess it that people’ll prefer the ugly USB solution to a complete computer upgrade. Many of those computers still kick ass.

Recently I was also surprised to learn that Apple stopped selling batteries for the Pismo Powerbook. My dad has had his for four years or so now. I thought one of the advantages of buying ‘brand name’ stuff was that such support and supplies continue to exists. (Granted, there was a third party product which does the job just fine, but no hint of that on Apple’s site.)

August 20, 2004, 14:13

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