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Die Zeit on stealing stuff from hotels and so on. Apparently this is a country of thieves. As a consequence, hotels don’t offer proper coathangers, for example, but those strange ones where the hooks are fixed to the warderobe.

I must admit that I am not completely without guilt in this as well. I remember growing up with a few towels ‘courtesy’ of the South African national parks board, which I’m pretty sure weren’t bought. And I am an addict of Lufthansa tea spoons. The latter goes back to the early 1980s. Back then, when flying was still expensive and profitable, airlines apparently just binned the used cutlery after flights because buying new stuff was cheaper. Lufthansa has always had cutlery that’s quite nice, so we simply took some. They also had changing designs over the years with the year engraved into the back, making it an extra nice collectible.

After a period of not-so-nice designs in the late 1980s, they’ve had (the same) good and plain design since 1996 or so. I like that one a lot. The spoons at least. The knives and forks aren’t that nice.

Another item in my parents’ house that was nicked is an ashtray that has Stolen at the Four Seasons, Durban or so written at the bottom. I doubt anyone would have cared for that if it hadn’t been for that little bit of theft-prevention.

I also went and picked up the black and white analogue as well as the digital photos I had developed and made prints of. Some of the black and white ones turned out to rather nicely, in others I find the contrast lacking and consider them a bit too ‘grey’ (what can be done about that?) and in many of them I perhaps overdid the playing with depth of focus – or lack thereof. As for the digital photos: The colours always seem a bit too vibrant for me. Nice for experimenting, but not exactly natural.

September 4, 2004, 17:17

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