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Bub & Bob Icon Remember the game Bubble Bobble on the C-64? I did for sure. A nice and fun game for non-gaming people like myself. There has been a nicely ported Mac version of it for a few years now, going by the name of Bub & Bob. It never quite made it to OSX, though – for reasons I don't understand. In fact, it has been pretty much ported for well over two years but there seem to have been problems with getting nicer graphics ready. Or so.

Anyway, the exciting news is that there's movement again in the development of the new version and you can have a look at it at McSebi's. It looks pretty promising. Graphics are nicer than in the original version but otherwise it just makes your G3 or better computer behave like a 1MHz C-64. Brilliant.

Dreamland Checker Icon And even better, in spring 2002, I wrote a little level editor for Bub & Bob 2, Dreamland Checker. This never made much sense as there was no properly released OSX version of the game. But that version is coming now and the editor will work with it. I'm not too interested in the editor any more as it was more of a learning experience. But I still made some changes to it in the past days to make it work nicely with the game as it exists today. With a distance of more than two years from the code I still found it surprisingly comprehensible, thanks to Cocoa. And of course I also found it in desperate need of a complete redesign – which is not going to happen. Two extra years of learning about Cocoa and of Cocoa being improved really make a difference.

October 17, 2004, 2:13

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