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I've been to Bremen for the occasion of my dad's birthday this weekend. This also brought us a very nice meal which started with some foie gras that my parents brought from southern France, continued with venison and finished with mousse au chocolat. Better than going to the university restaurant.

While sitting in my parents' living room and waiting for that meal, I couldn't help but notice that ever since me and my brother moved out, my parents worked hard to convert their house to a collection of fashionable furniture. Looking up from the foie gras, I first saw the new Barcelona chair (which definitely is nice and wide – I'd fit on it twice – but about the comfort of which I'm not quite sure yet), then the desk with a Wagenfeld lamp (which looks nice but isn't really good for a desk as its light isn't focused at all) and two Powerbooks (one of which was mine – and my dad's old Pismo, which really looked a bit old fashioned in the whole setup) behind which there was the back of an early 1990s B&O telly (still one of the best looking tellys I've ever seen – and nothing that B&O ever managed to reach again design-wise, IMO) and a bookshelf with the Encyclopædia Britannica even further behind (the last printed edition, in fact).

Not too bad.

After the birthday and some additional shopping today (which finally brought me a new rucksack to replace the stolen one – and I also got a new pullover as two of my other ones had been eaten by moths) which included a horribly tasteless snack in town, we had the leftovers of yesterday's meal, then went to have a quick look at the Freimarkt (Bremen's equivalent of Munich's Oktoberfest) before I went to the station to catch the last possible train back to Göttingen.

I am on that train now. It's a slow train (getting me to Göttingen in 3:45 with one change, compared to less than two hours on the high speed train) – which of course sucks. But I can ride it for free using the new term ticket we have. So I've read the paper and listened to the iPod before grabbing my Powerbook to jot down these notes.

[My apologies if this text is worse than usual – I've been feeling terrible all day. Much worse than usual, forgetting many things (including my computer password or how certain songs sound and bands are called). This is really weird. I hope it's just a cold or something and I'll be better again tomorrow after a good night's sleep.]

October 17, 2004, 2:26

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