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Totally Disconnected

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A topological space X is called totally disconnected if all connected components of X are singletons.

Yesterday we quickly dropped into the pre-term party for the new first years. It was really strange. To begin with things seemed to be more 'professional' than they used to be. More and shinier hired equipment, more people around, tackier music and all the small-town DJ sophistication you can get (think fading out the music every now and again, so people can sing the chorus instead). From their number and behaviour, I suppose that either these weren't mathematicians only or I've missed some developments.

The music they played was very strange as well. From really bad disco music – think Europe's summer curse smash-hit Dragostea din tei – to old time favourites. Heck, all the good songs they played were old. They already played them when I was a fresher. Why don't they play newer stuff? There's plenty of it around.

Let's say I find it hard to connect to those people.

October 15, 2004, 19:03

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