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Vanilla Wine

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Yesterday our former flatmate Christine invited us over for dinner. That's remarkable for the fact that she isn't into cooking – because she likes neither meat nor hot foot, we always wondered how she survived because of that. That was a nice reunion dinner. I bought some nice bottles of Portuguese red wine for the occasion. It had a really strong vanilla taste (and a bit of cherry perhaps) which I found remarkable. I never had such a strong vanilla taste in wine. It made it very smooth but was perhaps a little to strong to be perfect.

On a completely different note, I wonder about the internet and classical music. Of course it has been lamented already that places like the iTMS to make good use of the back catalogues of classical recordings (yet). They would be a brilliant resource. There are so many recordings around and often it can be helpful to listen to several different ones. If only to realise that certain recordings are really bad.

Short of buying music online, at least sites like allmusic offer listing of the different performances that are available of pieces. That's a good start. Next I'd be interested in more-or-less qualified reviews of those performances. Just from the names of the performers, orchestras or conductors I frequently can't tell whether they're up to the job. In particular, my knowledge in this area is too limited to know any but the most famous people. Yet there seem to be many good recordings by lesser known ones.

October 10, 2004, 19:23

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