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Yesterday held a lot of fun entertainment. First our former flatmate Philipp came to visit. And before going out for a night of indie-pop / Britpop, there was Who wants to be a millionaire on. A woman won half a million. She was quite cool and gambling a lot. It's amazing that this simple show, even with its German presenter who isn't nearly as good as Chris Terrant, keeps making such good television (hm, perhaps its also a sign that everything else is really bad...)

After returning from the night out we still caught the rest of the Kerry vs. Bush debate on telly. At least three of the German stations, among them the two big public ones, had it live; plus CNN, BBC World and so on of course. While the answers weren't particularly enlightening and the room looked a bit tacky with the red carpet – making Bush look like a TV evangelist, which may be pretty close to what he is – , the idea of having people ask questions is cool.

While I didn't find Kerry particularly eloquent, he shone in direct comparison to his opponent. Bush doesn't really talk with a direction, he's more meandering; struggling to finish sentences, running out of words. It was also funny to watch how he made an effort to look dignified and tame while sitting in the background this time around.

Finally, watching BBC World afterwards, it was refreshing to see the brisk questions they asked the officials which I often miss in German journalism. It was also interesting to note that despite the worldwide news coverage, my flatmates hadn't heard the word 'flip-flopper' before. I like my flip flops.

October 9, 2004, 17:54

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