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First: Das Pop’s record The Human Thing has now been released in Germany. I wrote about their records after seeing them play in Haldern this summer and getting their latest record directly from Belgium. At that gig I really liked the German version of the song You which they played as an encore. Unfortunately nobody seemed to have made bootleg copies or anything which I could find on the internet. But apparently the good people at the festival recorded everything. And now that track has been added as a bonus track to the German edition of their CD. Which kind of sucks as I’m definitely not going to buy the CD a second time.

Second: I saw U2’s Vertigo video on telly today. And I’m not impressed at all. I’m not a big U2 fan to begin with — rather indifferent even, but isn’t it bad if a video looks less cool than the iPod commercial derived from it? A commercial that’s even broadcast in Germany for a change.

Third: There were elections in Ukraine again — the second round between the two top candidates of the first one. It seems to be a close race. And there are claims that things weren’t entirely fair once more. As they can’t vote postally, there was an election office in Berlin as well for all the Ukrainians living in Germany. Apparently one of the largest ‘constituencies’. My boss helped there ensuring that the counting was done properly. Rumors go that certain constituencies close to Russia had results with numbers that were as unrealistic as they’ve been in communist days.

When reading the Guardian article linked to above I couldn’t help but compare things to the U.S. From what’s written in the article the elections didn’t seem much worse than they were there — yet they are labelled problematic. In addition I wonder how important those elections are for us. Even though the U.S. have an ape as a president for four more years, it’s likely that Kerry’s politics wouldn’t have been significantly better and one of the main differences remains the ugly face. On the other hand, over in Ukraine, the question seems to be whether the country develops towards Europe or towards Russia. And that could be important for us in the long term.

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November 23, 2004, 0:19

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